Here’s the thing: How does one choose to move halfway across the world to teach English to non-speakers?

Quite easily as a matter of fact.

Seven months ago, one of my best friends left the United States for Japan to teach English. Watching her made me question what was stopping me from taking the initiative. Therefore, I took it upon myself to spend many months researching and discussing, and just yesterday, I made the seemingly simple decision to move to Prague, Czech Republic to teach English. Within the first week of 2018 I will be taking my overpacked bags, boarding a flight, and beginning my journey.

Now, making that decision was perhaps only slightly mentally and physically exerting. But, what comes next will be the opposite extreme. Among the long list I have to complete in eleven months is a three month long certification course, saving ideally $12,000+, finding housing for when I’m over there, and of course, trying to narrow down schools I want to apply to. The Czech Republic does this wonderful thing of requiring face-to-face interviews, so the chance of my finding a job before I go is slim to none. They also won’t give you a working visa until you have a job, which is stressful as you have to leave the country for the visa to become active. So, I will head over jobless, find a job, then have to leave after I am hired to activate my visa, to then return to start my job. Sounds fun.

I did struggle when I first wanted to go live in another country teaching as teaching English felt like it had nothing to do with my career: I graduated as a Creative Writing major and a Digital Filmmaking minor. But, what is to stop me from writing while I’m there? Or making small films of my adventures? What is stopping me from better understanding the language from which I pull to create my stories? Perhaps teaching will give me insight to stronger word choice, better phrasing, and eventually more successful pieces of work? Being in a foreign country always inspires my camera and my pen… I’ve already created poetic abstract films from my adventures in Europe from 2015. What is to stop me from pursuing different points of view through my lens, or challenging myself to make the everyday life something beautiful through film?

The answer is nothing.

So bring on 2018 for I am ready to begin the rest of my life.