This past Monday, I received an email on that would change my life forever. It contained two important things: a username and a password. These were both for my TEFL certification course. Delighted I immediately plunged in and began my journey through the program and all it had to offer. I’ve spent the last few days filling my mind with what it means to be a teacher.

Today I got to virtually meet my classmates. So many minds came together from places all around with the same hope: to teach English in countries all around the world. I loved reading about where everyone was in there life, their reasoning for taking the same journey I am, and their hopes about what the program will bring them. I added my voice into the fray and smiled knowing I wasn’t alone with my concerns and my dreams.

Slowly, I’m beginning to see that I’ve made the right choice. I’ve prayed and I’ve questioned. I thought I was crazy for doing this… well I still think I am, but in a more positive light. The idea of moving countries is less daunting. The excitement keeps building and it takes all of me to not announce to strangers on the street I’m leaving to teach English in Europe in 9 months. I have a big grin on my face almost 24/7 because I live for adventure.

And I think this might be my biggest adventure of all.