It’s been almost a month since I started the TEFL certification course. One month down… about one more to go. It’s been informational and I’m hoping I get more hands-on work, more challenging pieces thrown at me. I want to feel as prepared as I can heading over to Prague in 8(ish) months. And as I’m nearing the middle of my certification, it hit me that I better get a jump on my practicum hours. What’s better hands-on training than that?

Now, according to TEFL’s website, I have to complete 20 hours of practicum. No big deal, I can get that knocked out relatively quickly. But I’m nervous. Not the kind of nervous you might think because I have little to no fear about getting up in front of a class and teaching… I’m more afraid of finding a location to do my practicum. Having to throw myself out there and convince someone that I am worthy of being taken in as a fly on their wall, or, if possible, someone to teach their students who are paying lots and lots of money for this is terrifying. Kinda like how I feel about getting a job in Europe by the end of January 2018.

Telling my anxiety to hit the road (or really just closing my eyes and hitting send) I contacted an ESL place here where I live. Low and behold, within 24 hours they had responded saying that they would be happy to let me observe their classes. I was floored. How freaking easy was that? I might have cursed that question as it’s now been over a week since I replied saying I would love to come down and observe, when should I plan to visit… and have been greeted with my least favorite thing: silence. This dilemma poses two questions in my mind. Do I contact them and look desperate or start looking elsewhere? I don’t know. Both? Cause, perhaps I am a little desperate.

I really need to get my practicum over with since it is due in June (or July?)… and the way this year is already going, that’s going to come up and bite me in the butt faster than I can say The Czech Republic. I want time to slow down and speed up all at once. I’m torn between the desire to be in Europe tomorrow and the need to be home and prep myself for the adventure. But really, I’d settle for a way to find the time to do everything I need and want to do before I leave for at least two years.

Lord, give me the strength and courage to get it done.