And I feel amazing!!! Twelve whole weeks have passed full of reading chapters, learning new terms, taking quizzes, writing essays, lesson planning, many, many cups of coffee, late nights, and much more…. I definitely missed the gathering of new information and, dare I say this, homework (yes, I did just say I missed homework) parts of college and the ITA course gave that back to me. It’s only been a little less than a week since I finished, and I am glad to take a break, but I know in a few weeks I’m going to be craving that purpose again.

Perhaps not as much as I think, considering I now have a little more than a month to get in 20 hours of observation, tutoring, or student teaching. All while working 30+ hours a week nonetheless. I’ve contacted three potential places so far and have had very positive responses, but I haven’t had the opportunity to start at any of them yet. So, I’m praying that the ball will get rolling and I will be able to get in the time before July 26th. Because if not, I won’t get my certification and will have wasted $1,045. Which would be unfortunate (understatement of the year Elizabeth).

I’m trying not the let my anxiety take over as I come down the the nitty gritty of one month to get these hours. It’s a challenge to keep my head up, but I know it will all turn out how it is supposed to. I must keep moving forward towards every goal. Piece by piece it will fall into place. I just have to let it.